Grade 1 Works

​​"HIDDEN ISLAND brings a tropical/island feel
with its playful nature and Latin array to your beginning band.  It's a great teaching piece that your students and concert audiences are sure to enjoy!"

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Hidden Island 
1 min, 53 sec
For many of us in this world, some of our closest relationships are made with those furry four legged trusty sidekicks, our noble companions who stick with us no matter what.  This piece takes us on the journey of a curious dachshund, discovering and sniffing out the world at her own pace.

Dachshund Trot is a wonderful way to introduce your youngest players to mixed meter in a easy, laid back way.  The walking “trot” tempo allows beginners to feel at ease while counting in 5/4 time. It also allows your players to connect to the piece with their own special friend at home, having meaning to all pet lovers out there.  

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Dachshund Trot 
2 min