Grade 2 Works

Humanity has always had an interesting relationship with the idea of “The Unknown”. Though we love the comforts of home, humans seek to explore the unknown whether by horse, ship, rocket or just by simply putting one foot in front of another. Yes, we are afraid of that which we do not know and yet, there lies a compulsion to understand and make “The Unknown”, known.  Thus, we are compelled to take leave of safety and explore.

This fast paced and melodious piece seeks to capture both the danger and excitement one feels when facing that which is not known.  Low brass brings about that ominous sense of danger while the woodwinds give a heart rousing push all while being propelled forward by the driving percussion.  Frequent time changes add to the momentum of the journey, keeping both the player and listener on the edge of their seat.  This piece is dedicated to all who continue to have the great curiosity to explore “Into the Unknown.”  Receiving "Honorable Mention" in the 2018 Female Composition Contest, I hope you and your students enjoy "Into the Unknown."  

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Into the Unknown ​​​
2 min, 54 sec​

We all choose to take leaps in life.  Most of us choose to remain on the ground, so we take metaphorical leaps.  We start a new hobby, write a new song, or ask out that particular someone we like.  As with all leaps we don’t always land on our feet - a new hobby that doesn’t work out, the song just can’t seem to come together, or that particular someone says no.  But we continue to take leaps because leaping can help us reach heights we never before imagined. You won’t know if you’ll stick that landing if you never take the leap in the first place.  

Starting with a steady percussion beat, woodwinds help build the anticipation until brought together with the brass to create a bouncy melody that will challenge and entertain your students.  Rises and falls in the progression help give that sensation of leaping while at times thinning out to reveal that we don’t always land just right. But the melody continues and crescendos into a hopeful tone, encouraging us to once again take leaps in life.  

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2 min, 26 sec​​
Historically, the Court Jester’s job in the Medieval and Renaissance era was to provide entertainment at parties, fairs, markets, and other royal events.  Dancing around in extravagant outfits, the Court Jester never ceased to provide spark and life to the atmosphere!

Court Jester March is a quirky, lively march featuring sparking sixteenth notes in the woodwinds, silly syncopation in the brass, and plenty of rhythmic ringing in the percussion.  Students and audiences alike can easily imagine the Court Jester dancing around, putting on the show!

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Court Jester March
1 min, 26 sec